East meets West

Further On is a blues-rooted rock band that enjoys nothing more than putting their own spin on blues and rock classics. The soulful vocals and rich melodies are rounded out with a powerful rhythm section that is not to be missed. Keith MacRae on bass, a jazz enthusiast and local music promoter keeps the low end tight, and Stuart Mcintosh on drums, has been rock solid behind the kit for years, playing in bands such as Gilman Street and No Hot Ashes before settling into the Further On brand of blues. The sweet sounds of a Nord keyboard played by Richard Champion add colour and contrast to that already deep sound. Richard is an accomplished drum teacher who has a passion for the keys and found his home in the blues. Guitarist and vocalist Charlie Brusatori grew up in Western America, living and breathing the blues, and cut his teeth touring both Texas roadhouses and packed out venues in the western states. Guitarist and lead vocalist Ian Crawford has played in multiple highly accomplished blues, rock and soul bands while growing up right here in Scotland. The contrasting guitar styles from the UK and US make for an irresistible mix that transcends geographic boundaries. The band will take you on a musical journey from the Bluesbreakers to ZZ Top, and give you an experience that is truly... Further On..